Our Mission

Our mission is to provide knowledge, support and resource pathways for acceptance into the Black Universities and Colleges for under represented college bound Black youth. We believe in the enduring value of the B.U.C.O experience as the foundational promise of successfully navigating the collegial journey from application thru acceptance. Shaping the future of today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders through preparation, encouragement, academic focus and social wellness.


Historically black colleges and universities are institutions of higher education in the United States that evolved shortly after the Civil War to provide formerly enslaved black woman and men training in basic skills. It was only later, that they became full-fledged colleges offering doctoral programs, master’s programs, bachelor’s degree programs and associate degrees. HBUCs provided an education to the recently emancipated and black students at a time other universities barred them. Today there are roughly 100 UBCUs in the United States with most being in the Southern States.

HBCU's Today

In 2017 while many of the students attending HBCUs are predominantly African American, diversity in student bodies has increased over time as HBCUs strive to become more diverse and inclusive. Today whites, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander and Native American students make up 25% of the population at some HBCUs.

Areas of Practice

Diversity & Inclusion – Why B.U.C.O Matters: We believe that an HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) education, apart from other high institutions of learning, provides a powerful foundation of pride in self, tradition and leadership. Our system will ensure that you are well positioned to recognize your potential and pay forward a destiny of success for your posterity and your people.

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Black Lives Matter Statement: In solidarity with the movement, B.U.C.O supports the peaceful and critical stand for human rights, justice and anti-racism for a more verdant society where Black Lives Matter.


About Me

​Back when BUCO started I was a Big Sister that had a little brother who just graduated from high school. After all the hoopla with him graduating from High School settled, I asked “So what’s next, what are you going to do now?” He replied “I don’t know”. The next week I went to the library, no internet back then, and did some research on Black Colleges & Universities. I wanted him to be in a place where most everyone from the professors to the janitorial staff looked like him. I thought at a historically black institution he would have the kind of peace that comes with knowing a teacher won’t judge him. I was familiar with Spellman, Morehouse and Xavier because I had friend that attended those colleges and I was accepted to Howard. He wasn’t making A’s or B’s and wasn’t likely to get in one of the above mentioned so I looked into others that were will to take a chance on a “C” type student that tried very hard in school. After writing a few letters, filling out financial aid papers and pleading his case to the college, he was accepted to Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I got 4 of his friends in HBCU’s the same year. Of the 5, 3 graduated. There would be many more stories like this.

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